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Tips to improve your workplace productivity in 2020

Tips to improve your workplace productivity in 2020

Productivity in the workplace is critical for career growth and promotion. If you want to perform better than you have done in the past, implement these productivity tips in your workplace.


Stand-Up Meetings

This is a good way to curtail spending a long time in a meeting. Holding meetings while standing, brings it to the knowledge of everyone that time is of great essence. This also helps to maintain a focus on the purpose for which the meeting is convened and avoid unnecessary distractions.

It enables everyone to return back to work with a huge sense of urgency for solution implementation. Practicing this leadership tip will sure improve your productivity.




Get a Workable Routine

Anyone who wants improved productivity should develop a workable routine. Knowing how to start your day, the tasks to execute first, and subsequently are very important to achieve improved productivity.

Creating a work schedule that clearly stipulates your activities per day; knowing when to respond to emails, when to turn off your phone and when to reach out to clients and colleagues. Cast your work routine in stone to avoid disruption.



Breaking tasking into smaller segments is a strategy for achieving a productivity milestone. This helps to complete projects and tasks in record time and with little or no errors. Breaking projects into smaller units help to reduce the likelihood of procrastination. It makes one see tasks as executable.




Use Technology

Another essential tip to improve your workplace productivity is the use of relevant technologies. Applications such as Trello and Google tasks can assist you in monitoring your work progress throughout a project life span. Dates and times alerts can be enabled to help you monitor deliverables from the beginning to the end of a project.


You Can Say No

To improve your workplace productivity, you must develop the courage to say no, especially when saying yes could disrupt your workflow. Learn how to say no without sounding rude or giving the impression that you are not a team player. Be sure to communicate the reasons for saying no politely. However, if the request is from your boss or superior, before proceeding to execute the new task, communicate how it will affect your current tasks. Always be in charge of your workflow.




Avoid Your Smartphone Notifications

You can agree with me that smartphones, much as they can be a blessing to your productivity, can also be a curse if not handled well. Ensure that you put your smartphones on silent to avoid been distracted by the notification sounds. The chats and the gist can always wait for the appropriate time.


Don’t Multitask

Focus on a single project and get it completed before moving on to another. Multitasking can be very controversial, to many, it does not make them as productive as they should be.





Continuous training and development will improve your workplace productivity. Implement these productivity tips and watch your performance soar.

Tips to improve your workplace productivity in 2020

Tips to improve your workplace productivity in 2020 – See Video Here


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