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The Importance of a Business Website in the World of Social Media in 2020

The importance of a website in the world of social media

Someone who has a collection of creative and interesting projects, who is probably doing well on social media may not really know the importance of a business website.

There are several additions that a business website can bring to your business especially if you are already doing well on social media.

Depending solely on a social media site that you have no control or authority over could be very dangerous for your business. You will always be a guest in a social media space unless you are the owner.

With a business website, you can rock social media and enjoy the perks of having a place of your own.

One of the top advantages of having a business website is that no one can shut you out of your website.

Instagram and the like can wake up any day and roll-out new rules that may not be favorable to your business. They can even decide to shut you out, temporally block your account, restrict the number of people your posts or content can reach, or even completely delete your account.

Besides the reason we have already pointed out, below are in detail more compelling reasons you need a business website.




1. You Control Your Online Content

When you have your own business website, it is you alone who decides the information that your website users can see and how the information is to be presented to them. You have absolute control over your content. This although does not negate the terms of service of your website host.

Your content and contact information on social media is only existing there at the mercy of the owners. Any day they wake and no longer like your ways of content publication, they can temporarily block your account, which in turn keeps you away from public view till you are unblocked. On the other hand, if they decide to ban completely your account, all your content and information are lost forever.

Furthermore, your chosen social media may not suspend or ban your account, what happens if they suddenly stop operation or existing. When we talk about this, Vine comes to mind. Who still remember Vine? A once-popular social media, where users can upload 6-seconds video clips, Vine was popular for about 4 years before Twitter, its owner decided to shut it down. All users then who had built a stream of income on Vine were out of business.

Even social media networks that are in no danger of going down might wake and decide to change their policies. For instance, Facebook in 2018 changed its policies and algorithms, including the ones that affected newsfeed. This particular policy and algorism introduced by Facebook made the users of Facebook see more of the content from their direct connections. What this means to publishers, content creators and business owners is a drop in traffic from Facebook. Consider how this will affect you if your business depends solely on social media (Facebook, Instagram).


2. You are Easier to Find and Inspire More Trust

Have you considered how you search for things? Do you take your time to go to a social media network to search? A good number of persons really on Search to get the solution or answers they seek. Your social media business page is far less visible to the people outside your connection and network.

A business website gives you the freedom to leverage how you can appear in search engine results. Your website developers can deploy the best of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to enable your business website to rank well and appear at the top search page.

People tend to trust businesses with a website than the ones without one. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yandex help imbue some levels of trust with customers. Research has shown that people who shop online always resort to search engines when it is time to shop. The truth is a good number of people do not trust sale channels that base on social media with no verifiable website.  Even if you have a strong social media following, a website can boost your credibility.




3. Liberty to create and share contents your way

The importance of websites in the world of social media can not be overemphasized. With your business website, you are at liberty to create and share your content the way you want. Facebook for instance can suspend an account they feel is over sharing content to pages, groups, and profiles.

For example, Twitter has a 280 character limit. You cannot post any content beyond this stipulated character limit. Instagram Stories too, videos max out at 15 seconds. You want to post your documentary film or serialize your novel? Well, that’s what a business website is meant to do. Upload samples in your social posts to drive traffic to your business website, then, start conversations about your work.

In terms of content updates, how easy is it for you to retrieve the content you published two years ago on social media for editing? It is usually easier to search your own website than to dip through for your old social media posts.

In terms of customization, you can design your own business website to your taste. On social media networks, you can’t change a lot of things, including format and color scheme.


4. Increase your business revenue the way you want

Yea, this is by far the real deal. Social media networks can be a good money-spinning machine for a certain class of influencers. However, the people who make more money on social media networks are investors, unfortunately not users. If you plan to make money online, having your own website is key while a strong social media presence is valuable.

With a robust mailing list incorporated in your website, you can ask those who follow you on social media to sign up to receive regular updates concerning your business directly in their inbox. Just like we pointed out earlier, people turn to websites whenever they want to make a purchase. If people visit your website, that means, there is an increased possibility of them buying from you.




You can also monetize your business website in other ways. Google Adsense and other advertising companies are good revenue streams to consider. They give you some levels of control over the types of ads that appear on your site. You can also join some affiliate marketing programs that are related to your business.

Ready to get started? We can build your business website today, contact our web developer or call 08034311493 to get started.

The importance of a website in the world of social mediaSummary

The world is fast-changing and those their businesses have an online presence are going to thrive. Don’t allow your business to suffer the fate of 2020 in 2021. Take your business online today to give the competitive advantage it deserves. Start selling online also today.


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