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Start Blogging, Start Earning 

The best time to become a blogger is now. Start earning over $300 from your blog every month before your seventh month as a blogger. We don’t just build a blog/website, we build blogs and websites that rank on the first page on search engines.


Things we will do for you

 1. Host, design, and develop your blog/website

This is the first crucial stage in blogging. Choosing the right hosting service is key to speed, security, uptime, and ultimately your success as a blogger. It is very important to choose a hosting provider with the best hosting infrastructure.

The second stage is the design and development of your blog/website. Some people make the mistake of hiring incompetent and inexperienced developers to set up their blog/websites. A good and simple design that offers ease of navigation is very important. Your blog/website should be user-friendly. We will not only get all these done for you, but we will also train you on how to efficiently manage your blog/website so that you won’t be running around at any point looking for who will assist you to fix a problem.




 2. Train you on how to start blogging and become a successful blogger

There are lots of bloggers, but a few are racking in the cash. It is possible to start earning over $300 every month before your seventh months of active blogging in Nigeria from Google AdSense alone. We will introduce to you Affiliate markets from where you can earn more every month. There are lots of secrets to becoming a successful blogger that people do not know.   


 3. Help get your blog approved by Google to display Google ads

This may sound very simple and easy. But believe me; so many people have been blogging for years now without Google approving their website for Google AdSense. It is very possible to get your website approved within 3 months of blogging. There are things you need to know and get right before Google will approve your blog/website to start displaying Google ads. There are other alternatives to Google AdSense too, but the truth is, AdSense is the most organized..  




 4. Help get your blog approved by companies that run affiliate marketing

You can make more money by displaying adverts from companies that run affiliate marketing. There are many companies running affiliate marketing, but few of them can be trusted. Only a few of them pay earned commission. Some will give you attractive offers and percentages, but when it comes to payment, you start begging for your money. We will introduce the trusted Affiliate companies to you and help get your blog/website approved in a record time. 


 5. Introduce to you tools and resources that will help you succeed as a blogger.

As a blogger, there are tools and resources that will make blogging easy for you. A lot of bloggers are blogging the hard way. With these tools, you will be able to write scripts with the best SEO and readability scores. When your blog meets the required standard, you’d discover that things will begin to flow and most of your traffic will be organic. 


 6. Continue to mentor you until you start earning

Mentorship is very important. We will mentor you until you become self-sufficient. You can always contact us for clarification and assistance. In case you run into trouble at any time, we will offer you speedy assistance. 

7. There are several other things we will teach you and assist you to do. When you earn, how do you get your money? Do you have the necessary account type where you can receive your earnings? we will teach and help you set up all that.  




The Cost of domain registration, website/blog hosting, website/blog design, and development starts at One hundred thousand Naira only. (N100,000).

If you are ready to build your blog/website, fill this form to get started.


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