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Digital Marketing

As you know social media marketing is the fastest-growing channel in digital marketing. Many people leverage social media marking because it works and it works very well. Our team will help to determine the right demography to target different digital media platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and many more. To achieve the best results on social media campaigns, our team will assist you to create quality content and designs.


Why You Need Digital Marketing Services

  1. It’s the most cost-effective means to create brand awareness.

Compared to traditional ways of marketing, Digital marketing is very cost-effective. You can get higher reach with the lowest cost than traditional market strategies.

  1. Digital marketing leads to an increase in sales and revenue.

Businesses that engage in digital marketing the right ways have recorded an increase in sales and revenue. According to research for every $1 spent on email marketing your sales goes up by $38.

iii. digital marketing helps you reach your customers online

In today’s world, most of your customers are online using one social media platform or the other. A lot of people now search on Google before making marketing decisions. With digital marketing, you can reach your potential customers faster.

iv. Digital marketing helps you get quality traffic for free.

Can you imagine getting organic traffic to your website? SEO can help you get quality organic traffic which in turn will increase your sales and revenue.

v. Digital marketing helps you monitor and track your results

Result tracking and monitoring are necessary for the growth and development of a business. Knowing what works and how to improve your business is very important for the success of every business. Digital marketing will help you track and monitor your campaigns for increase performance.




Email marketing is one of the most efficient channels of growing business conversion rates. We will help you create an effective mailing list. It will also help you design attractive emails that will generate more business leads and transfer those leads into sales.




This is the latest trend in digital marketing. What video marketing does is that it allows you to get face to face with your prospect so they can see your emotion, passion, and you can be in-charge and in control of the sales process.

Videos allow face-to-face marketing to scale. Whether you are emailing videos, putting them on social media, putting them on LinkedIn, they perform excellently well. 80% of all internet traffic in 2019 was all video-based.

It is no longer a question of whether you are to get started, you need to get started right now. Incorporating video marketing in your marketing strategies gives results.

If you want to demonstrate your passion, and authenticity to your potential customers, which is the most powerful way you can communicate to them, then videos are the only way to go.

Clients that we have implemented video marketing to have seen tremendous results: whether it is on building website traffic through SEO, including e-mail marketing. The video market helps drive leads and gives you the result you expect.


Why use video marketing for business?

Life has become fast and busy. People spend more time now on the internet than they do elsewhere. Video is where your customers are spending time. Video marketing is the latest trend. Video marketing is getting bigger and bigger and businesses are getting results through video marketing.

One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. The chances of getting page 1 listing on Google Search increases by 53 times with video incorporated into your work. A visitor will stay 2 minutes longer when they watch a video.

2017, videos were 90% of all internet traffic. 87% online marketing at the moment are videos based. 65% visits a website after watching videos and make purchases decision.

1 Billion unique users visit YouTube every month. 87% of social media users follow their brand’s video. Posts with video links attract 3x more visitors.

Research has shown that online videos are 100% more socially engaging. Video marketing can get you more click-through rate (CTR), more exposure, more social engagement, 46% more conversion lift, 139% more brand impact, and lots more.

If your brand doesn’t produce online videos, START NOW, consumers are watching them, Consumers are following them, and making purchases decisions based on these videos.

If your business doesn’t have videos, you are behind your competition.

We are experts in creating online videos. We will help you to get the best business visibility. Contact us today.





The good thing about digital and social media advertising is that it is very affordable. Small business can start with a low budget. You don’t have to wait until your business can afford $1000 in advertising before you get started. You can start with as little as your business can afford. Then as your business grows, you spend more on advertising and promotion.




We work with clients to build an image program based on specific requirements for national roll-outs, new build-outs, rebranding, and event signage projects.


Such projects may include Monument, Pylon, Wall sign, Cladding and Fit-outs, Internal Directory signs, Safety signs, Point-of-sale, Merchandising kiosks, Danglers, In-branch branding, Dealer signs as well as Branding.


With a technologically advanced production facility, we can deliver any signage of choice in different materials such as POP, wood, plastics, glass, steel, aluminum composite panel, with top quality LED lighting and warranty of 3 – 5 years.





We purchase media channels on behalf of clients. We help clients cut costs by providing value. Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising has helped a lot of businesses drive traffic and increase revenue.




This will help you get found on the web. We deploy different SEO strategies that are tailored to bringing you the result you deeply desire while you can focus on other parts of your business. Our proven SEO Strategies will help grow your organic traffic. Content is King and that’s why we devote time and energy to content creation and marketing that suit your business.




We will build quality websites for you or your business that is well optimized for search engines. A website that has great user experience for both desktop and mobile users is the key to business success and that is exactly what we build. We will also design and built great landing pages for your business to convert visitors into customers.




Our team will carry out site audit on your business website to determine pages that are not well optimized to improve on its SEO and thereby generate more organic traffic to your website




Are you seeking to be known in your niche? We will help you create a strategy that will promote your brand and product across popular social media platforms at a reduced cost. Brand awareness is very important to business growth and revenue generation. If you don’t tell people what you do and where you are, no one will ever find you out.




We offer training programs to those who want to become professional and successful bloggers. A lot of people blog the hard way and end up earning little, join us today, and learn from our wealth of experience.




Do you have a brand but no content to promote your Brand? At Living Media Int’l, we have you covered. Our team of Graphics Designers and Content Developers will go all out to create content specifically tailored to your brand and which is sure to get users engaged. The content they say is “Key”.





Link building is very important to the success of your business. With the right link building strategy, your website will climb up the results on search engines to page 1. This is one aspect of SEO that a lot of people neglect. Our team of experts will help you get the right number of backlinks at a reduced cost.


Our Advertising Platforms


Here’s how to make your marketing “bulletproof” – and it’s pretty easy:

You have to pull more levers.

You have to build diversity into your traffic and marketing strategies.

If you wake up tomorrow and your main channel dries up – whether that is

  • Your referral engine just doesn’t work anymore
  • Your cold email campaign goes dry
  • Facebook stops showing your posts
  • Or anything else…

You need a way to keep your lead flow coming in.

You see, almost all “organic” or free sources eventually change.

Any time you’re getting things for free, it’s like asking for a favor, and you can’t depend on that long term.

(Remember when your friends stopped offering to come to move your furniture for just pizza & beer….. You gotta start coughing it up and paying for movers!)

When you PAY for things, you get control.

You can control your lead flow and diversify your traffic.

The great thing is, Google has this option, and you can turn it on like a lightswitch.

It’s called Google Ads.

You see when you can run paid traffic with Google, you guarantee that you’ll show up at the top of the results.

Every day people are searching for your products and services, and you can use Google Ads to show up there at the exact moment!

We’ve had a ton of success with Google Ads (We spend hundreds of thousands per year on them…at a nice profit)…

Google ads are displayed on over 500,000 websites and on over 200,000 YouTube channels – reach out, attract and convert over40,000,000 website users in Nigeria, Africa, and beyond. We can setup pay per click (PPC) or CPM campaign for your business advertising.



Facebook advertising can be overwhelming for business owners. We don’t blame them— In Facebook advertising, there are over 1,300 targeting options, 15 objectives to choose from, and 6 main ad formats available. Unless you have a team dedicated to cracking the best Facebook ad combinations or some seriously social media skills, your Facebook advertising strategy will probably be mediocre at best.

We’re here to help you understand your options to make the best choices for your Facebook advertising. In Facebook advertising, there three main objectives and six Ad formats.

Facebook Ad Objectives

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversions
  • Facebook Ad Formats
  • Video
  • Photo
  • Slideshow
  • Carousel
  • Dynamic Product Ads
  • Lead Form Ads

Read more about Facebook Ads here



Instagram is one of the best social networks to advertise on. It has grown to be just as big of an advertising platform as its parent company, Facebook.

Your best bet for Instagram’s success is to share stunning visuals and high-quality photos.

This approach creates opportunities for nearly every kind of company. After all, even brands in the most boring industries can post pleasing images and videos to captivate an audience.

They can do this even if they don’t have a tangible product.

Instagram is growing and it’s growing fast.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon, either.

The number of companies using Instagram for marketing has almost doubled since 2016.

And as of March 2017, 1 million accounts were advertising on Instagram using the business profile feature.

In March of 2016, just a year earlier, only 200,000 accounts were advertising. That means the total number of advertisers on Instagram grew by 5x in just one year!

And this incredible growth is all for a good reason.

Marketers know it’s worth it.





Twitter has a lot of benefits, one of which is connecting with mass media and journalists since it’s where people go to find news.


What Advertising Do for your business

Advertising your organization, brand product, or service help to change outdated perceptions about your business. It increases business visibility. Advertising also helps attract partners that can expand your business.

Furthermore, advertising helps you grow word of mouth referrals. As people get to know your business, they are likely to discuss it with one or two of their friends. The more the number of people who know your business through advertising, the more the word of mouth some of those customers, in turn, will share with others.


The Benefits of Business Advertising

Let’s drill down to understating how advertising could help your business, depending on your industry. You might ask “what does advertising do in a business”? Bellow, we try to analyze about 15 benefits of advertising your business.


Increase Foot Traffic

Adverting, especially in the new media can help get a lot of potential customers in the door of your business. If you let people know where you are, one day, they will come to check on you.


Generate Leads

For business to business (B2B), advertising can help you get more leads for your sales force to follow up on and also help you fill your sales funnels.


Introduce New Products

When you want to introduce a new product, you must advertise to help launch your product with a splash.


Highlight Product Enhancements

If your business has an existing product or service, advertising can make the public aware of improvements in these products or services. Letting the public know about your innovation can boost sales and drive more revenues.


Get Traffic to a Web Page

Adverting can attract people to your business website where some of these visitors can be converted into customers. This is very important especially now that businesses are moving to the internet.


Improve Brand Awareness

Advertising keeps your business top in the mind of so many consumers. This makes them think of you when they need a service or your product. Almost any kind of business benefits from brand awareness.


Spread the Word about a Sale or Special Promotion

For any kind of business, advertising can make the public aware of a sale or promotion bringing in more customers and in the process generate more revenue.




Drive Immediate Online Sales

Advertising can bring online sales almost immediately. Ads can move the buyer to act.


Lift Brand Image

Advertising can transform public opinion by creating a more favorable impression. For example, advertising can make people aware of expanded capabilities or offerings of a business.


Boost thought Leadership or Industry Profile

Native ads can promote content demonstrating your expertise and building your reputation as a thought leader in an industry. Sponsoring content that features expertise also raises your profile and helps attract industry partners to you.


Stand Out from the Competition

For businesses in crowded markets, advertising can set your brand out.


Convert Online “Window Shoppers” into Buyers

Ads can remind visitors of your products after they leave your site. This technique is proven to convert more shoppers into buyers. Let’s say someone abandoned a shopping cart in your e-commerce store or simply didn’t buy for some other reason. With ads, they will be reminded of the product by seeing your business ads days later.


Grow your email List or Social Following

If you want to get more email subscribers or more loyal social followers, then advertising may be useful to accomplish these and other marketing objectives. Once people consent to receive email marketing messages from you or choose to follow your social posts, you have more chances to get your messages in front of them.


Boost your Content Marketing Impact

Share your content on social media, and then boost the social media update. It will get your content seen more widely and you will get more click through and engagement on your content — which in turn can help improve your search engine ranking. You can also opt for sponsored content on a popular site, so your content is seen more widely.


Expand the Power of Word of Mouth

Advertising can help jumpstart and amplify word of mouth. About 85 percent of small businesses report they get most of their customers through word of mouth, according to a study by Small Business Trends.

But what if you could drive the word of mouth sharing by your customers even higher? The more new customers you get through advertising, the more happy customers you will have to share words of mouth praise about your business!


Our team – Everybody’s a player

The Living Media International team consists of experienced professionals, each with an area of expertise that complements the whole: marketing strategists, website designers, social media planners, and branding experts.

As our client, you will have a specific point of contact who always sees the big picture of our relationship with you, but we’re also strong believers in providing you with access to any member of our team – from content providers to graphic designers – whenever you have a specific question or comment. You won’t find that kind of open relationship in many larger firms, where departments are often isolated and distant.

As our client, you’ll quickly come to appreciate that we’re “right-sized” — big enough to have the full range of expertise you need, but efficient enough that everyone knows your needs and objectives.


In need of more customers? Contact us today

Let us help you capture your intended customers and grow your brand. Helping brands reach their customers all over the world is what we do best. Contact us today.


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