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Lady cries out – My beauty is a curse

Lady cries out – My beauty is a curse

A very beautiful young lady cries out in a dilemma, lamenting that she does not understand why instead of attracting men, her beauty drives them away.

She went on to say that men who come her way do not stay because of her intimidating beauty. She said that men are intimated by her looks.

In a post making the rounds on social media, Hauwa said that her beauty has now become a curse that has turned her into a lonely young woman.

Hauwa accepted the fact that men tell her how much they love her and would love to marry her, but as soon as they get closer and intimate, they go and never return to her again.

She said that they fear to lose her to a richer man after marrying her. This she said makes them feel insecure and unworthy to marry her.

“They say with my beauty, another man can take me, and this can cause them trouble since they are not safe with me,” Hauwa complained.




Hauwa, growing up got a lot of attention from that comes in contact with her. Whom she said claim to be admiring how beautiful she is. She said that as soon as she became mature and more beautiful, the whole story changed.

“Growing up, people always gave me special attention because of my beauty, I always enjoyed that thinking they were just admiring Allah’s work on me, but when I became a woman I began to think my beauty was more of a curse than a blessing on me,” Hauwa said.

Hauwa fate was to attend the marriage events of her friends and age-mates. She wishes that it could be her turn someday, but this has never happened, hence her crying out.

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“I saw all my mates get married to a lot of guys tripping over their doorsteps, but the reverse was the case for me”.

“Men always distanced themselves from me citing that I am overly pretty and they know another guy would take me from him because I would always be the topic of cynosure and so many eyes would be on me hence making me an easy take away”.

I am Hauwa, a Fulani girl from the Adamawa plains and these are my pains,” she sadly wrote.


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