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Itel P13 Price and Specs in Nigeria: Updated

Itel P13 Price and Specs in Nigeria

P13 is one of the best itel low budget smartphones. itel P13 is good and affordable. It has good functionalities. P13 comes with 8GB internal memory that can be expanded using an external memory card. itel P13 also has a good battery capacity.

P13 comes with a disappointing 512GB RAM, and it is powered by AndroidTM 8.1 (Go edition) operating system. Itel P13 comes with a 4000 mAh battery capacity and a Quad-Core 1.3GHz processor.  P13 is available in two colors; Champagne Gold, and Phantom Black. Continue reading as we walk you through some of the features and specifications of itel P13.




Itel P13 Features

Itel P13 Price in Nigeria


Just as we pointed out above, Itel P13 comes with a 4000mAh battery capacity. The powerful 4000mAh battery of itel P13 can support 72 hours of normal usage. With this battery capacity, you don’t need to worry about the frequent charging of your itel P13 battery anymore.



Incisively presented on itel P13 is the perfect balance between a big battery and a slim body design. This is to ensure a comfortable and light grip.



Itel P13 comes with a 5.5”18:9 full-screen display. This display ensures an ultra-narrow bezel and immersive view in the same body size as a traditional 5.0” screen smartphone.





Itel P13 comes with a dual rear camera (Main camera 5.0MP AF) for better Shots. P13 comes with dual rear cameras that have flashlights. These cameras allow you to take good quality pictures anytime and anywhere regardless of the lighting condition of the environment.


Operating System

Itel P13 is powered by an optimized and smoother AndroidTM operating system.P13 is powered by the latest AndroidTM 8.1 (Go edition) operating system that is optimized with light inbuilt apps. This is to ensure a smoother performance and the availability of more storage space.


Power Saver

This feature allows you to make full use of the power of your itel P13. itel always aims to extend the battery endurance of their smartphones. With itel P33, there are 3 modes available.  All you need to do is to turn on the power saving modes and you will begin to enjoy longer standby time.




Itel P13 Price in Nigeria

The price of Itel P13 in Nigeria is between N20,000 and N25,000


Itel P13 Price in SLOT

The price of Itel P13 in SLOT is not available at the moment.


Itel P13 Price on Amazon

The price of Itel P13 on Amazon is not available at the moment.


Itel P13 Price in South Africa

The price of Itel P13 in South African is between 610 and 760 South African Rand


Itel P13 Price in Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Uganda, and Malawi

The price of Itel P13 is relatively the same in all African countries.

You can buy Itel P13 in any of these countries at a price range of $40 to $50


Itel P13 Release Date

P13 was released in December 2018.


Itel P13 Specification

Itel P13 Specification

Battery Capacity: 4000mAh

Location: GPS Enabled

Processor: Quad-Core 1.3GHz

Screen: 5.5“ FullScreen

Memory: 8GB ROM/512MB RAM

Power Saver: 3 power-saving modes

System: AndroidTM 8.1 (Go edition)

Camera: Dual Rear Camera (Main Camera 5MP)/ Front Camera 2MP





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