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itel A35 Specs and Price in Nigeria: Updated

itel A35 Specs and Price in Nigeria: Updated

A35 is one of the best itel budget smartphones of 2020. itel A35 is very affordable and it has a lot of functionalities that you may find useful. Itel A35 comes with 16GB of inbuilt memory space that can be expanded using an external memory card. A35 also has a good battery capacity of 3020mAh.

itel A35 comes with 1GB RAM, and it is powered by Android™ 10(Go edition)operating system. A35 comes with a Quad-Core 1.3GHz processor and it is available in two colors of Black and Gradation Blue. Continue reading as we walk you through some of the features and specifications of itel A35.




itel A35 Features


itel A35 comes with an incredible 720*1280 HD resolution. This resolution provides a vivid, clear, and realistic viewing experience for users. The 5.0” screen of itel A35 also allows for broader viewing while remaining easily operational and comfortable to hold with one hand.



Itel A35 has an enduring performance, thanks to its 3020mAh big battery. The huge 3020mAh battery of itel A35 is guaranteed to supply you with enough power to last all day. The battery of itel A35 provides over 7 hours of video watching, 40 hours of normal usage, and 5 hours of gaming.



itel A35 comes with 16GB inbuilt storage space that can be expanded using an external memory card. With preinstalled apps taking about 2GB of the storage space, itel A35 still has than 12GB of free space for you to store your favorite music, photos, videos, and download and install all your favorite apps! You’ll never run low on space with our impressive 16GB ROM + 1GB RAM!



As a budget smartphone, itel A35 comes equipped with a 2MP selfie camera with soft light. The soft light is to ensure crystal clear clarity even in a dull lighting environment. Itel A35 also comes with a 5MP rear camera. The rear and selfie camera is good enough for an average user.


Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is the technology of the future.  With Face Unlock, the itel A35 requires no touch in order to be accessible. Also, the removal of the fingerprint sensor ensures a modern, slick, and stylish design that is right on-trend. The Facial Recognition provides a convenient and stylish user experience





itel A35 Price in Nigeria

The price of itel A35 in Nigeria is between 30,000 Naira and 35,000 Naira


itel A35 Price in SLOT

The price of itel A35 in SLOT is not available at the moment


itel A35 Price on Amazon

The price of itel A35 on Amazon is not available at the moment


itel A35 Price in South Africa

The price of itel A35 in South African is between 990 RAND and 1,150 RAND South African Rand


itel A35 Price in Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Uganda, and Malawi

The price of itel A35 is relatively the same in all African countries.

You can buy itel A35 in any of these countries at a price range of 65 USD to 75 USD


itel A35 Release Date

A35 was released in January 2020




itel A35 Specifications

Operating System: Android™ 10(Go edition)

Processor: Quad-Core 1.3GHz

Camera: Rear Camera 5.0MP / Front Camera 2.0MP

Network: 3G WCDMA

Security: Face Unlock

Display: 5.0″ HD Brighter Screen

Memory: 16GB ROM /1GB RAM

Battery Capacity: 3020mAh Battery


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