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How to create a website for your business in 2020

How to create a website for your business in 2020

Why Does Your Business Need A Website?

  1. Cost-Effective


Believe it or not, owning a website is more cost-effective than renting an office space, equipping it, employing staff, furnishing, and all the other necessities that come with owning office space. What’s more? You still need to renew rent when it expires. What would you need for a website? A one-time web design fee, renewable domain name, and hosting which will cost you very little yearly depending on the hosting plan you choose. What’s more, you can operate your multi-million naira business from home and store your goods in a warehouse. That is so much more affordable than renting a store or office space.




  1. Credibility


If you have ever had difficulty making a sale or convincing someone that you are legitimate, having a well-structured website with great content will grant you instant credibility with anyone you sell your business to. These days, when you tell someone about your business, the first this they do is look you up on Google or try to load your website to confirm that you are indeed the real deal. Having no concrete online presence other than business pages on social media does not cut it for most customers any more. You need to own a website to give your business the much-needed credibility it needs.


  1. Influence Buyer decisions

How to create a website for your business in 2020

Owning a business website means giving your business exposure to a massive audience of potential customers. Your business website allows you to influence their business/purchase decisions. You also get to educate them and list yourself as an authority to be reckoned with your business niche.




  1. Show off your pedigrees


Your business may have achieved a lot of milestones but if people do not know about it, how will they know that you are a pro in that field? Your website gives you an avenue to show off your awards, client testimonials, achievements/milestones. This greatly influences the decisions of potential clients or customers.


  1. Build a client or customer base

How to create a website for your business in 2020

You may have your products on various social media platforms but we bet you do not have a client database for remarketing purposes. So they only end up as one time customers till they get a better offer from a business like yours. If you compete at this level, you will lose potential loyal clients or customers to your competitors. However, if you own a business website you drive them to, you can build a client or customer base of everyone who has purchased via your website. It builds trust and gives you a professional outlook. You can educate them by integrating a blog on your business website, you can update customers on your latest offers; products, promotions, events, photos, or other content.




  1. Beat your big competitions to their game

Beat your big competitions to their game

Perception is everything. You may be operating your business from home but people who visit your site will have the perception that you are as big as your competitions. If you have a functional and aesthetically designed business website with a solid strategy behind it, you can smash the perceived wall between you and your big competitions.


  1. Secure Solid business Partnerships

Secure Solid business Partnerships

A business that could be interested in partnering with you will most likely search for you on the web first. What do you think their perception will be when you have no concrete online presence? You got that right. They will flee as Joseph did from Egypt. To avoid this, you need to get a business website to give your business the visibility and credibility it needs.

There are many more reasons why your business needs a website, but the primary reason is this: to get found.

It’s difficult to find customers or clients online if you do not have a website.

The statistics below will give you a better idea of how critical it is to build and maintain a strong online presence:

  • 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
  • Over 90% of people learn about a local company and business online than anywhere else.
  • 70% of shopping searches happen on these three major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yandex.
  • It’s estimated that by the year 2040, over 90% of purchases will be done online.
  • 65% of internet users do check online before making a purchase.




These statistics reveal that customers are using online search to look for almost everything.

72% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location and 61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly site.

The best way to generate sales and to promote your business is to exist online.


How to create a website for your business

How to create a website for your business

The truth is the importance of a website in a business cannot be overemphasized.

We try to explore here how to expand the scope and reach of your business which turn will boost your business by creating a business website.

Here is a deeper look into how a website can help you promote your business, and how you can create your website.


How to Create a Website 

Creating a website is vital to the success of your business. However, that doesn’t mean creating a website is a no brainer.

Consider your website to be the infrastructure and backbone of your business.

It’s true. It can be difficult to create your website for your business. That is, it can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. Contact one of our website developers to build a website that will give your business a competitive edge. Call +234-803-4311-493



Picking a website host provider and hosting plan


This is the very first and critical decision you will have to make when planning to have a business website. This is because there are lots of website hosting companies locally and in other countries. These hosting companies have different hosting plans and packages. They also have a lot of strengths and weaknesses. There are lots of things to consider before choosing a hosting provider and plan or package.


 Picking your business domain name

Picking your business domain name

This is another important step in setting up a viable business website. Choose a domain name that best describes your business. Make it short, concise, and very understandable. A good domain name will enable people to recognize you with difficulty. Check to know the availability of your choice of domain and also if another business is using a similar domain name.




Design and develop your business website

Design and develop your business website

Having chosen your business website domain name and the hosting provider, the nest big decision is how to set up your business website. The first question in this regard is “who will design and develop my website?” you can develop your website yourself by using some website development templates online or engage the services of a website developer. There are very important things to consider in business website development. Chief among them is the security of your website. The feature must be put in place to safeguard your website especially if you plan to receive payment through it.

You can contact one of our website developers +234-803-4311-493 to design and develop a professional business website for your business.


Adding content to your website


When you are done designing and developing your business website, adding valuable content to your website is very important. Knowing about SEO tips is also very important too. Optimizing your content for search engine is one thing that you MUST learn how to do very well. A content-rich website is a plus for a successful online journey and experience. Our SEO specialist can assist you in getting your website content fully optimized.

If you have been planning to set-up a business website, the time to start is now. Take your business place online before it gets overcrowded.

You can generate more income having a business presence online.

For help getting your website up and running, Contact one of our web developers or call +234-803-4311-493 today.




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