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We all know that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for youths to connect with their prospective partners. A good number of women, because of the nature of their jobs and other businesses, are not able to connect with the kind of men they would love to marry. This also applies to men.

Living Media International connects mature adults who are of marriageable age and status.

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We know that it might be very difficult to arrive at a 100% match.

We match partners as soon as we have 70% of the requested features or qualities, period not exceeding 30 days.

Living Media international will not request money from anyone before, during, or after matching or to render any other solution EXCEPT in the case of advertising.




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We run a background check on all applicants to ascertain the credibility of the details they supplied.

Living Media International will not by any means or for any reason disclose data received or collected from our website or other channels to anyone.

When we match, we send a private email to the successful partners with only the name, phone number, and email of their intending partners.

Living Media International holds in very high esteem the privacy of anyone using our channels and also those who request our services.

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We also want to point out here that we monitor the progress of all matched intending partners/couples.

Living Media International advice for the wedding of partners at least 3 months after matching and at most 10 months.

You are allowed to edit and resubmit your request as many times as you want.

We will send you an email as soon as you are matched. if you are not matched in 30 days, edit your request and resubmit on our website.



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The first section in the form below is for your personal information while the second section is the expected qualities of your prospective partner.