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Find me a Job

Find me a Job

Do you feel frustrated in your job hunt? Have you gotten to the point where you want to shout, “Someone, please find me a job!”?

If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, then you could probably use some assistance in securing the job of your dream.




Living Media International helps people find a job across all industries and at every level, from intern to an executive.

We have professional recruiters who have in-depth knowledge of and experience of recruiting.

Living Media International put in the time and effort to nurture a good network of both client employers and candidates to find suitable opportunities for both.




Ways Living Media International can help boost your search for the ideal job:


1. Living Media International Connect you with prospects

We know who’s hiring (and who’s planning to expand), even if those jobs aren’t publicly posted yet. If there are openings for jobs that fit your talents and interests, Living Media International can often help get your foot in the door.


2. Act as your guide

We’re committed to finding the right job for you once contacted.


3. Living Media International Market your talent

Also, we do more than share your resume with the appropriate companies. We can also be your greatest advocates when discussing your unique talents with hiring managers.


4. Provide industry insight

Living Media International offers Salary Guides and another strategic context for your job search. We answer key questions about the Nigeria job market and what kinds of salaries professionals in your field typically earn.




5. We Craft a winning resume

Living Media International offers resume services and also offers essential advice on how to write your resume, helping you highlight and position your talents and experience in the best possible way.


6. Polish your application materials

Furthermore, even if your resume, cover letter and work experience are current, they may still need a bit of polishing to catch a hiring manager’s eye. Living Media International offers great resources for adding more power to your application package that takes little time to implement.


7. Add to your skillset

Also, we can help you identify and fill any crucial gaps in your skillset.


8. Offer valuable resources

Living Media International spotlight the hottest (and highest-paying) jobs in your field, report on hiring trends, and offer tips for every step of your journey to a new position, or even a new career.


9. Help you thrive

Furthermore, once you’ve landed a job, Living Media International is still here with further assistance. You can get career development tips to help you thrive as a successful professional.

Complete the form below to helps us better customize job opportunities for you, share relevant company reviews and salary information, and allows you to be discovered by employers.

Ensure you upload your resume so we can properly match you with the best of numerous available job opportunities instantly.

Check your email daily, because you could have messages from recruiters in your inbox.

Also, check Living Media International Jobs page on a daily basis to be the first to see new job openings in your areas of interest.

Don’t be caught off-guard. Be ready always for an interview. Remember to be yourself.

Note: Living Media international will not request money from anyone to render any solution EXCEPT in the case of advertising.





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