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Essential leadership skills for the next generation of leaders

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Essential leadership skills for the next generation of leaders

Leadership skills are very important for anyone who wants to take leadership positions in the future work environment. Beside the fact that robots and bots will be doing most of the complex and complicating office and industrial works, human need certain skill sets to be able to effective carryout leadership assignment.

The work place of tomorrow will be fast-moving, technology-driven and interconnected. What this means is that anyone who want to lead tomorrow must brace up  and adapt to the new realities of the 4th industrial revolution in order to excel.

Individuals with a passion for future leadership can learn the essential skills while those who are born with this ability can do a little bit of training to be in absolute shape.

The underlisted are some Leadership Skills of the Future Workplace

  •      Actively Agile

Just like we pointed out above, future work environment will be pacy. Thus, leaders of the 4th industrial revolution will have to be able to embrace and celebrate change. They will be very agile. They are to see change as an opportunity to learn, innovate and grow and not as a burden.

  •      Emotional intelligence (EQ)

Leaders in the future work environment should be able to perceive and understand the emotion of the members of their team. Also, they should be able to manage their own emotion.  What this means is that employees and leaders will require a good level of emotional intelligence.

  •     Humbly Confident

The leaders of the 4th industrial revolution should be absolutely confident in their decision making ability. Much as they are confident in their ability to make right and informed decisions, they should also be humble enough to listen to suggestions from their team members. Tomorrow leaders will help and encourage other to succeed.




·            Accountable

leaders of the 4th industrial revolution will need to earn the respect of the other members in their team by responsible and accountable to their decisions. The workplace of the future will be collaborative and transparent. The leaders’ actions and policies will be in tandem with the objectives and goal of the organization.

  •      Visionary

Anyone who wants to lead in the future workplace will be visionary. The person will have the ability to lock into the future and predict trends. A future leader will be able to analyze and understand how each stakeholder, be it an employee, shareholder or supplier will be affected by decisions. What this means is that the leader will learn how to manage everyone need without affecting the productivity, reputation, and takes of the organization.

  •      Courageous

Because the future will be very uncertain, anyone who aspire to lead tomorrow will have to be very courageous. The leader will have to have the courage and determination to face the unknown and navigate difficult terrains and circumstances. Most importantly, the leader will have the courage to change direction the event a situation calls for that.

·              Flexible

Shifting demand of tomorrow workplace, tools and even workers requires that leaders will be very flexible. The success formulae of the past will not be the same as those of the future organizations. To accommodate this new reality, leaders will have to flex. Unfortunately, the reality will cause the leaders to continue to bending because its continuous shifting.

  •   Tech Savvy

The 4th industrial revolution which is fuelled by technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, augmented reality, internet of things, and more. Leaders of the future workplace will have to make decisions about technology and how they can be deployed for the optimum progress of the organization. The ability to understand the addition that tech will bring will very essential. Leaders will continually embrace new tools and platforms.




  •      Intuitive

This is at the moment one of the most sort after skills. It is the ability of a leaders to “hear” or “read” what is not been said. The leader of future work environment will have to be more human more so because of the influx of robots and bots into the future workplace. For  aleader to be able to succeed in the future workplace, the ability to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly from their team is very important.

·           Collaborative

This another Essential leadership skills for the next generation of leaders. Future workplace will require enormous collaboration for success to be achieved. Leaders wouldn’t have to sit in the comfort of their office but would have to work together with others, that way they will get to know their strengths and weaknesses. This will enable them acquire new skill set for a successful career professional career development.

  •   Quick learners

Leaders in the future workplace will be people who yields to learning and who grabs whatever knowledge they are presented with swiftly. They will have the capability to access a situation and quickly learn what they need to know for effective decision.

  •   Authentic

With a multicultural and multigenerational workforce, leaders will have to be very authentic and original. They will have to be themselves. Authentic leaders build connections and trust easily.

·           Focus

A future leader will be someone who can maintain focus on the goals and objective of the organization, even when under pressure. This is particularly because the future work environment will be pacy and flexible. Leaders will be responsible for the stability of their organization and the rallying point of other employees. A strong leader will have the ability to steady the developmental ship of the organization while

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