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A woman narrates her encounter with a man she saw holding the waist of a 7-year-old girl

A woman narrates her encounter with a man she saw holding the waist of a 7-year-old girl  

A woman went on Twitter (@thesanasi) yesterday to narrate her encounter with an older man she saw holding a 7-year-old girl on the waist.

@thesanasi said, “the sight of the man holding the child’s waist made her uncomfortable so she confronted the man”. “But the man asked if the girl is her child and asked her to mind her business”.

She asked the child where her mother was and then went to speak with the mother. The mother of the little girl explained that the man gives her child money and other gifts, and sometimes also helps her take her child to his house until she’s done with her business for the day and picks her from his house.




She said, “I schooled the woman about sexual abusers and the methods they use in grooming girls by gaining the trust of the girl’s family”.

She said “I also warned the man to let him know that she, @thesanasi is a “rape avenger who cuts out the penis and breasts of rapists.”

Read her tweets below.

“I went to buy sachet tomatoes yesterday and I entered the shop, I saw a man holding a girl of about 7 years on her waist.

I wasn’t comfortable at all.

Me: where is your mama?

Girl: She’s the one frying Akara there

Me: Oga wetin you follow her dey talk wet be say u must touch….her waist?


Oga: She be ur pikin? Mind your business.

Me: I know your type and this time you don fail

I asked the girl to take me to her mum’s kiosk, I narrated what happened and why I wasn’t comfortable with the act and her mum goes “ Oga na goodman e dey dash my pikin plenty….things,e dey help me some evening when I dey fry akara carry my pikin go house till I finish work, If I reach house I carry her go our own flat”




I had to explain what the GROOMING STAGE in the sexual abuse cycle to her. It’s a stage where abusers familiarize themselves with victims and the victims’ family members to gain trust and easy access to the victims.

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She was thankful and oh yeah my mum said I took long to get ordinary sachet tomatoes but it was worth it. I left a final word to the uncle I am a rape avenger, I cut out the penis/breast of abusers and we get paid. P.S watch your children including YOUR SONS.”

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